The Start of the 2024 Rainy Season in the Philippines

The Start of the 2024 Rainy Season in the Philippines

by | May 30, 2024 | General Pests, News

Last updated on June 14th, 2024 at 11:04 am

The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) has officially declared the start of the 2024 rainy season as of May 29. Significant rainfall, frequent thunderstorms, and the southwest monsoon have contributed to meeting the criteria for this announcement.

Key Weather Updates:

  1. Increased Rainfall: The western parts of Luzon and the Visayas have already experienced substantial rains.
  2. La Niña Alert: PAGASA forecasts a high chance of La Niña from July to September, potentially leading to above-normal rainfall conditions towards the year’s end.
  3. Preparation for Cyclones: Between June and November, the country is expected to see 10 to 13 tropical cyclones.

Precautions and Preparedness

PAGASA urges the public and concerned agencies are advised to take precautionary measures for adverse impacts such as floods and rain-induced landslides during the rainy season in the Philippines. Despite the onset of the rainy season, there will still be periods of reduced rainfall, known as monsoon breaks. Concerned agencies are advised to take precautionary measures and remain vigilant during these periods. Additionally, expect scattered rain showers or throughout this monsoon season.

Disease Prevention

It’s essential to prioritize disease prevention during rainy seasons. Increased humidity and stagnant water provide ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes, leading to a higher risk of mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue fever and malaria. Implementing measures such as proper waste management, mosquito control, mosquito-repellent plants, and personal  protection against mosquito bites can significantly reduce the incidence of these diseases.

Importance of Pest Control During the Rainy Season

Regular inspection for pest control is crucial during the rainy season. Increased moisture and standing water create ideal breeding grounds for pests like mosquitoes, termites, cockroaches, and rodents. These pests not only pose health risks but can also cause significant damage to properties. Regular pest control measures or mosquito control help mitigate these risks during rainy seasons, ensuring a safer and more comfortable living environment.

Staying informed and prepared is crucial as the country navigates through the weather and climate situation of the rainy season and its challenges, including the potential for monsoon breaks. It is also essential to stay updated on rainfall events to assess potential risks and take necessary precautions.

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