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Celebrating Ber-Months with Environet: Your Guide to a Joyful Christmas in the Philippines

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In the Philippines, Christmas in the Philippines (Christmas in PH) is unlike anywhere else in the world. While many countries begin to deck the halls in December, the Philippines celebrates Christmas early, making it one of the longest and most festive holiday seasons on the planet. This article delves into the unique and heartwarming tradition of celebrating early Christmas in the Philippines, exploring the customs, traditions, and the magic that makes it so special.

The Ber Months: A Season of Anticipation

September to December – The Start of the Christmas Season

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For Filipinos, the Christmas season begins to stir as soon as the “Ber months” roll in. September marks the unofficial start of the holiday season, and it’s not uncommon to see Christmas trees starting to appear in homes, stores, and streets. This four-month period, from September to December, is a time of anticipation and excitement as Filipinos eagerly prepare for the most wonderful time of the year.

Christmas Shopping and Gift Planning

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As the Ber months progress, Filipinos start their Christmas shopping. Malls and markets become bustling hubs of activity as people search for the perfect Christmas gifts for their loved ones. Gift lists are carefully crafted, and the act of gift-giving becomes a way to show appreciation and love.

Christmas Decorations

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One of the most enjoyable aspects of early Christmas preparations is decorating homes with lights, wreaths, and ornaments. Many families take pride in creating elaborate displays that light up the night and spread holiday cheer to the neighborhood. Christmas lights adorn houses, and Christmas trees stand tall in living rooms, adorned with glittering ornaments.

Christmas Music and Carols

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During the Ber months, Christmas music fills the airwaves, and radio stations start playing beloved Christmas carols. The Philippines has a unique tradition of playing Christmas songs as early as September, adding to the festive atmosphere not just in homes, but also in malls and other public places.

Planning for Simbang Gabi – A Unique Christmas Tradition

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As December approaches, preparations for Simbang Gabi begin in earnest. Communities plan the schedule of the nine-day dawn masses, and churchgoers ensure they attend these special services, marking the official start of the Christmas season.

The Start of the Yuletide Season

Simbang Gabi: The Dawn Mass

The official start of the Christmas season in the Philippines is marked by “Simbang Gabi” or the “Misa de Gallo” (Rooster’s Mass). This series of nine early morning masses begins on December 16th and culminates on Christmas Eve. It’s a time for Filipinos to come together in prayer and reflection, strengthening their faith and bonds with their community.

Puto Bumbong and Bibingka – Delicious Christmas Delicacies

One of the beloved traditions during Simbang Gabi is enjoying traditional Filipino delicacies like “Puto Bumbong” and “Bibingka.” These treats are often sold near churches, and the aroma of these rice cakes wafting through the air adds to the festive atmosphere.

Christmas Lanterns: Parols

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Parol-Making Competitions – A Display of Creativity

One of the most iconic symbols of early Christmas in the Philippines is the “Parol” or Christmas lantern. These lanterns come in various shapes and sizes and are beautifully adorned with colorful paper and lights. Communities often hold Parol-making competitions, showcasing the creativity and craftsmanship of the Filipino people.

Star of Hope – The Meaning Behind the Parol

The Parol is more than just a decorative item; it represents the Star of Bethlehem, guiding the way to the manger where Jesus was born. It’s a symbol of hope and faith, reminding Filipinos of the true meaning of Christmas.

Noche Buena: The Grand Feast

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A Feast Fit for Royalty – Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve, known as “Noche Buena,” is the highlight of early Christmas celebrations. Families come together to share a sumptuous feast that includes dishes like “Lechon” (roast pig), “Hamon” (Christmas ham), and “Puto” (rice cakes). It’s a time for laughter, storytelling, and creating cherished memories.

Caroling and Gift-Giving – Spreading Christmas Cheer

After the feast, it’s common for children and even adults to go caroling from house to house, spreading Christmas cheer. This tradition is often done to raise funds for community projects. Gift-giving is also a significant part of Noche Buena, with family members exchanging presents as a token of love and appreciation.

Since Filipinos love music and singing, people will form a group called Christmas Carolers that carols throughout the night in their neighborhood.

Extended Celebration: Up to January

The Feast of the Three Kings – Epiphany

In the Philippines, Christmas doesn’t end on December 25th. The celebration continues until the Feast of the Three Kings on January 6th, known as “Epiphany” or “Tatlong Hari.” It’s a day when Filipinos commemorate the visit of the Three Wise Men to the baby Jesus by participating in processions and special church services.

Fireworks and Festivals – Welcoming the New Year

As if the merriment couldn’t get any bigger, the Philippines also celebrates the New Year’s Eve with an explosion of fireworks and colorful festivals. The night sky comes alive with dazzling displays, and the streets are filled with dancing and music.

Environet’s Ber-Months Celebration

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As the ‘ber’ months roll in, Environet Pest Control is gearing up for a special early Christmas celebration with a mission to make the holidays truly worry-free for every home in the Philippines.

September Theme: Prepping for a Pest-Free Christmas

In September, Environet proudly presents the theme “Prepping for a Pest-Free Christmas.” We understand that unwanted pests can disrupt the joy of the holiday season, and that’s why we’re here to ensure your home remains pest-free as early as September.

Campaign: Creating a Pest-Free Holiday Season, One Home at a Time

Our campaign’s goal is clear: creating a pest-free holiday season, one home at a time. We want you to savor the festivities without the added stress of dealing with unwanted pests.

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To kick off the ‘ber’ months, we’re thrilled to offer a generous 9.9% discount on any of our Pest Control Services. This fantastic promo runs from September 9th to September 23rd, 2023.

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October to December 2023: Stay Tuned for Exciting Updates!

As we venture further into the heart of the holiday season from October to December 2023, stay tuned and make sure to follow Environet Facebook Page for exciting updates, promotions, and services. We’re committed to making your celebrations truly pest-free and memorable.

With Environet Pest Control, you can count on a joyful, pest-free holiday season. Stay connected with us as we continue our mission to protect your home and your festivities.


Merry Christmas! Celebrating early Christmas in the Philippines is a heartwarming and unique experience that captures the true essence of the Christmas season. It’s a time of faith, family, and traditions that have been passed down for generations. The magic of this extended celebration, complete with twinkling Christmas lights and beautifully decorated Christmas trees, continues to bring joy and unity to the Filipino people.

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1. Why do Filipinos start Christmas in September?

  • Filipinos start Christmas in September because it marks the unofficial beginning of the holiday season, known as the “Ber months.”

2. Why is Christmas so big in the Philippines?

  • Christmas in the Philippines is a major celebration due to the deeply ingrained cultural and religious significance it holds for Filipinos.

3. How is Christmas celebrated in the Philippines?

  • Christmas in the Philippines is celebrated with various traditions, including Simbang Gabi, Noche Buena, Parol-making competitions, and extended celebrations until January 6th.

4. What are some Philippines Christmas traditions?

  • Some Philippines Christmas traditions include Simbang Gabi, Parol-making, Noche Buena feasts, and caroling.

5. How do the Philippines celebrate Christmas traditions?

  • Filipinos celebrate Christmas traditions by attending Simbang Gabi, decorating with Parols, enjoying Noche Buena, participating in caroling and gift-giving, and greeting each other a “Merry Christmas!”

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