Cockroach Control

Aside from rats, another kind of pest that seems to throw everyone off is cockroaches. Cockroach infestation often results from improper sanitation practices in areas in the establishments and workplaces where food is located. Their potential for disease transmission makes them a top priority for pest control treatments.

Environet is generally the best option for complete and long-lasting cockroach control. Our EnviroTechs inspect and assess your offices or establishments to determine the cause of infestation and will provide you the best solution to keep those cockroaches out for good.

Cockroach control as part of Environet's pest management services

Service inclusions:

High-performing cockroach baits – Cockroach baits contain insecticides mixed with materials that attract cockroaches for food. It is effective in eliminating the nest structure and provides long-term protection.
Spraying - to keep the cockroach colonies out of offices and establishments.
Ultra-Low Volume (ULV) Misting Treatments - For wide spaces, we use a machine to disperse our FDA-approved and green-labeled chemicals to cover all surfaces including the hard-to-reach areas. They come in residual forms, aerosols, or fogging materials.
Cockroach control service and treatment from Environet