Ant Control

Ants are insects that come in hoards. Although some only consider ant colonies as an annoyance and not as pests, some species tend to chew on electrical wirings aside from the food available in the area.

Proper treatment and control are advised when large-scale ant colony attacks are present in the establishment. At Environet, we design a suitable treatment program for you based on our knowledge regarding the ant species, its nest structure, and its behavior.

Ant control as part of Environet's pest management services

Treatment may include:

Gel Baiting – Ant-baits contain insecticides are mixed with materials that attract worker ants looking for food. It is effective in eliminating the nest structure and provides long-term protection.
Spraying - Green-labeled and FPA - approved chemicals are sprayed in determined areas to keep the ant colonies out of the premises.
Ant control service and treatment from Environet